Peter Pan

Come away to Neverland

Peter, come and play

Come away to Never land...

Stay forever and a day.”

The fairies whispered in his ear

as he slept away the nights

And danced around him as he woke

to the suns glimmering lights.


The fairies knew the boys fears

and all his hopes and all his dreams

To run away and stay away

and to never leave his teens.

But past his fears were his loves

of family and friends

Those he had promised to stay with

Until the very end.


But the fairies wanted Peter

As their very own

and so they came up with a plan

to leave Peter all alone.

Late one night, while he slept

his family they stole

and swept them up to Neverland

in the possession of a troll.


That morning after peter woke

And went searching though the home

The fairies spouted little lies

watching him as he roamed.

And finally he believed them

thinking his family had left him behind

and the fairies crowded around him.

Promising to stay with him, with voices kind.


So peter took the fairies hand

and flew off into the sky

off to a land no one knew

A land where children would never cry.

And true to the fairies whispered

Peter stayed forever and a day

Never ageing never changing

staying a child to live with the fay.


But as the years passed

and as the world grew

Peter wanted more than fairies

He wanted friends too.

So one by one the Lost Boys appeared

Taken at night from their slumber in bed

with promises and laughter from all the fey

Lost boys, they whispered, would never be dead.


So Peter had his family of

Fairies and forever children

And a life in the forest

in a secret playful den

But still, he found it was not enough

so out he went flying every night

Until he came upon an open window

and he met Wendy, with her eyes so bright...

The End

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