Snow White .2

'Bring me her heart'

The queen had snarled

to the huntsman dressed in grey

He nodded, ever silently

and quietly crept away.


Out to the forest

fresh snow on the grass

the hunter found his game

and watched her from a distance

as his arrow started to aim.


But then she smiled

And his heart stopped

And Queens power faded from his mind

For he realised in the moment

Snow was not what he expected to find


Queen told him stories

of darkness, evil and hate

A girl who had to be stopped

But Hunter should have known the truth

And to the floor, his arrows dropped.


He crept to her

hand on her shoulder

and smiled as she jumped and turned

Ready to fight, he stopped her short

but knew his trust would have to be earned.


He wished to speak

to help her out

But knew there was nothing he could do

For queen had made it clear to him

His silence would make her lies true.


Tears escaped Hunters eyes

as he realised what needed to be done.

So he pulled out his knife, and gave it to Snow:

There was no way he would kill her

and this was the only way to let her know


his loyalties lay not

with the queen that took his voice

But with the girl who had to run

to save her life, her beauty

from the truly evil one


Snow nodded, she understood

The sacrifice he had made

and with a gasp she took his heart

and ran quickly back

the the palace, to the start.


Queen froze when she saw

The girl with blood red hands

marching fearlessly up to her

and Queen suddenly realised

her own fear was starting to stir.


Queen stepped back once

and hit the wall

As Snow advanced quicker

and smiled up as she got close;

she was a terrifying figure.


Leave, don’t come back”

Snow threatened in a whisper.

You kill for beauty and for power,

That you do not deserve.

Leave now, or this is your final hour.'


Queen fled that night

as the sun set

Never to be seen again

And Snow ruled in her own beauty:

Her only wish, to know the dead Hunters name.

The End

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