The Frog Prince

Many years ago when

the world was young

and magic was not just

a tale to be spun

There lived a princess

in a castle so high

whose beauty was more than

could be seen by the eyes.


People would travel

from kingdoms around

waiting, wishing, they could

be the prince to be found

but there was a darkness

beneath her pretty face

an evil people ignored

for her smiles and grace.


With just a kiss the

princess could turn

man to beast with

no change of return

the only way to stop

this dark spell

was for her to love, but she

thought that it would be hell.


Up rode a prince

on a cold winters day

And the princess grinned,

her eyes narrowed on the new prey

She wondered how long

this one would last

before he ended up 'missing'

just a name in the past.


As the days passed and

the prince kept away

talking to her from a distance:

she realised she wanted him to stay.

But she shut her heart off

before the thought could appear

the thought that all

she wanted was him near.


She pushed him away

with all her power

trying to turn both their feeling

from affection to sour

But in her haste to make him

leave and say goodbye,

she kissed him on the cheek,

and he dropped with a cry


out from the pile of

clothes on the floor

Jumped a little green frog

making an escape to the door.

The Princess choked out

a sob and a gasp

and picked him up

in her gentle grasp.


The Princess had learnt

to love too late

And she expected the

frog prince to hate

But he forgave and

stayed by her side

for every year

before he died.


And though the Princess

wished and tried

to break the curse,

a frog he died.

Three years after

they had first met

she buried her love,

in the river in a net.


The Princess never

cursed again

now knowing how

she caused people pain.

Instead she shut away

her beauty

Realising that beauty had taught

her nothing but cruelty...

The End

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