Once upon a time

Or so the myth began

There was a poor and greedy farmer

Who promised kings impossible things

For his own rise and money


The story said

He had a child

A daughter so beautiful and bright

She could spin straw into gold

So to the king she was given to work.


To keep his word

the father made

A promise with the Trickster, the devil

And every night when the sun went down

Rumpelstiltskin span for the girls life.


And this is where

Truth turns to myth

And the stories span are all lies

For the girl never did marry the king.

And her first born never went the man of spinning gold.


For gold was never span

On her third night locked away

and when the king went in the next day

It was to find she was not there...

The girl and Rumble disappeared, never seen again.


And still the stories

twist and turn and lie

for guessing Rumbles real name

was never a way to win a deal.

His name was only used for the one he truly loved.


But years went past

and the daughter aged

while Rumplestiltskin stayed the same.

Until the day, he knew would come

and she closed her eyes one last time.


And although he knew it

it still broke his small heart

and turned it back, against the world

against friendship, joy and love.

Rumplestiltskin turned into the man of his myths.


Never do a deal

With the devil, Rumplestiltskin

For he will take your daughters, children

As his payment, no matter what....

For all he wants, deep down, is another one to love.

The End

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