Rapunzel had a secret dream

her mother didn't know

She dreamt of palaces of gold

Surrounded by mountains of snow.

She dreamt of kings and queens alike

and a crown fit for her head

and being stolen late one night

taken from her palace bed

she dreamt of evil witches

locking her up and away

from freedom and humanity

shut up till her last day.

She dreamt of this second life

she wanted so desperately

So in the seconds she was alone

she planned for it carefully.

Late one night, she crept out

the window in her tower

and then she ran and danced

and laughed, into the early hours

Repunzel smiled as she saw

the castle from her dream

But as she stepped up to the door

She heard a recognisable scream.

“No!” her mother shouted

as she ran up the castle stairs

“Repunzel, don’t go in there,

you are my daughter, not theirs!”

“Don't lie to me, I know the truth!”

Repunzel shouted back

“I know you took me as a child

And now I'm going back!”

“Repunzel.” The witch said softly,

slowly stroking her golden hair

“Did you never wonder why

You couldn’t cut it at home, up there?”

“Because you took my freedom?”

The young girl replied harshly.

“Because my life is not my own

but yours, to live neglectfully?”

The woman flinched, and pulled back

hurt visible in her eyes.

“I promise you.” she whispered

“Nothing I say now is lies.”

“I locked you up for your own good

the day your dreams became your reality.

I locked you up and kept you safe

for the sake of your own humanity.

All these years you though me blind

to your dreams of castles gold

but I am your mother, you poor child...

I didn't need to be told.

You are ill, my long haired girl

You forgot your life and...you

I locked you up to give you time

to find yourself again, but you never knew”

Rapunzel stared so silently

as the woman span her tale

then she turned and fled the scene

leaving her mother with a snow trod trail.

The Witch watched her go,

not moving from the spot

for Rapunzel was right about one thing

Freedom was hers, the witches, it was not

but days then months then years went by

with no sign of the long haired one

Rapunzel had gone, it seemed from the world

leaving just a tale, a story to be spun.

The End

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