Snow White

“Mirror mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all?”

“Alas, sweet queen, it is not you

Snow White's beauty is yours times two.”

The ice queen screamed and snarled and snapped

Wishing that the girl was still trapped.

“Mirror mirror on the wall

Where is the fairest of them all?”

“She is not far, my dear queen

she is with men as small as you've ever seen...”

The ice queen smiled and packed away

the magic mirror that had saved the day

For mirrors riddles and rhyming lines

have shown the way and shown the signs

of where the fairest girl did hide.

With dwarfs she though she had allied,

Snow Whites naive trusting mind

made her slow and made her blind

to enemies she lived next door to

For dwarfs were more evil than she knew.

In the forest deep in a cave, Snow White

slept while the dwarfs whispered away the night

talking of their plans and deeds

to gain money and their other needs

And slowly a dark idea formed

And into an old woman, two dwarfs transformed.

They crept out to a farmers house

and quiet, quiet as a mouse

they stole a single red apple, then

let it soak in a poisoned glen.

The next morning, Snow White awoke

to smiling dwarfs around a fire smoke

they handed her breakfast with a small laugh

And watched, eyes glinting, as she cut it in half

bit by bit she started to chew

until she fell to the floor, lips turning blue.

They shut her up in a coffin of glass

And pushed it down the forest path.

Into the city, to the market square

and starting the bidding on the girl so fair.

And so the queen called out her gold

thinking her money meant the girl would be sold

but she didn't expect the young males voice

Ah, she thought, this must be Snow's little love choice.

So her voice rose with the price of the woman

His coin for love, and the queens for her plan.

They fought and fought for life and beauty

For vanity and for hearts duty

until the Queen lost her temper

and stabbed Prince through the heart to win the splendour.

And so the gold exchanged hands

From royalty to men of scams

And Show white was carried indoors

barely breathings- a living corpse.

But even that would not last for long

Snow Whites life was not that strong.

And as the queen took her fairest skin

she started to laugh and started to grin

For only one questioned remained to be answered

and now she knew, that question she had mastered:

“Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Now whose the fairest of them all?”

The End

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