Cinders was a lonely child,

the only girl in her fathers eyes.

He had cared for her, adored her

raising her since her mother died.


But Cinders was a spoilt child

Everything given on a silver plate.

She grew to expect grew to dream

of marrying a prince- it was her fate.


And so her father spent and spent

wasting money on frivolous things

until the day the coins ran out-

his only hope, to give a woman a golden ring.


So Cinders got a new step mother

and two stepsisters to add to the count

They made her help around the house

So her hate for them started to mount...


Then came the day, a few years later

Her old father suddenly died

And through her grief, she started to plan

the families downfall- so Cinders started to lie.


Oh poor poor Cinders, she started to play

the part of a broken young girl

Who cleaned and cooked and lived and worked

in shadows, while her sisters lived with pearls.


The day the soldiers came around

to announce the Prince's grand ball

Cinders knew her fate had come-

it was time for Step mother to take the fall.


She watched and waited for the night

waiting until the family left

Then she ran up to her room

And into a secret gown, she dressed.


She smiled wider as she slipped on

her new, perfect glass shoes

knowing this was one battle

she would refuse to loose


Then Cinders danced into the ball

and silenced the whole floor

and eyes followed the Prince round

as he walked to where she stood by the door.


They danced all night, in front

of everyone's envious eyes.

Yet Cinders never told him her name

And she fled as midnights bells started to chime.


On the steps, she took off one shoe

and left it glittering in the light

knowing he would hunt her down

after he fell in love in one night.


The next morning, the hunt began

as the prince went from door to door.

He gave the glass shoe to each girl

to see whose foot it was for.


Finally he reached the house

Of Cinders and her step mothers.

The three steps tried the shoe on-

to the Princes question of “No others?”


I am here.” Cinders said,

stepping forwards into shoe.

She met the Princes shocked eyes

and heard his whispered “Its you.”


Her?” The step mother sneered

and scorned “This lazy little thief?

If this is who you think you love...

You are in for a life of grief.”


You dare talk to my future wife like that?”

The prince stood and stared.

Cinders smiled as she watched and waited

to see the end- what her future fared.


Yes, I dare.” The mother replied

When I have spent years in this house

trying to raise her as my own

since the death of my poor dear spouse.”


A sister smiled and met Cinders eyes

as she piped up in her small voice

Sir, she cannot love as you can...

but if you marry her, it is your choice.”


Cinder felt a flash of fear as

she saw her Prince start to think

and so she stepped forwards

staring at him, refusing to blink


You will marry me.” She snarled at him.

You will not ruin my plans.”

The prince narrowed his eyes at her

and before she could react, he grabbed her hands.


And so her true face is shown.”

her step mother slowly mused.

You see, sir, this love is not for you.

This will just end up with you being used.”


Yes, I think I start to see.”

The prince replied, letting go.

Cinder, you will leave this place

Leave this family...and don't go slow.”


Cinder backed away from them.

From the family, and her dream of fate

suddenly understanding, suddenly knowing...

they were right to be angry, it was their turn to hate.

The End

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