The Snow Queen

When the mirror broke into tiny little shards
The snow queen held her arm out straight
and tried to freeze them where they fell
She picked them up so carefully
and stuck them back into their frame
and smiled when she looked at it and thought
"They are all there."

But one had flown so far away
A shard to small to ever see
and it flew around the world before
landing in the eye of one young man.
He left his childhood love, alone
standing, in the rain, and he did walk
and walk and walk across the frozen world.

He turned up, blue liped, on the doorstep
of the snow queens ice castle
where she backed away and cried out
for the young man to leave at once.
"I'm dangerous" She cried to him.
"I'll hurt you by mistake. Please
just leave please just go please please please."

But the boy just smiled and
took a step towards the shaking girl
and took her ice hands in his own
and said he would never leave.
So years passed within the cold
and the boy and snow queen lived
Happily, safely, day by day, side by side.

But one day a girl did turn up
at the door of the ice castle
and called out for her friend to come
and wake up, go back to her.
The young man stared and walked towards
the girl he could not remember
tears slipped out down his cheeks as he looked at her.

The tears moved the shard of glass
that had been in his eye
and as it left he did remember
and left the snow queen for his girl.
He walked away without a glance
putting her out of his mind;
and with the girl he never thought of the queen again.

The queens own tears froze as they
slipped down her cold cheeks
and she turned away and
ice the castle doors shut forever
For people feared her magic and
refused to try and love her;
but all she ever dreamed of was

being accepted for what she was.


The End

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