Sleeping Beauty

“Sleep, my beauty.” He said to her
as he kissed her lips goodnight
and as her eyes did flutter shut
he smiled and stood up
to look around the crowded room
of peaceful sleeping girls
the princesses he had stolen one by one
to use their beauty to fuel his own...

the prince was not an honest man
nor kind or nice or sweet
he was the evil written in folk lore
the dark monster in the shadows
but the prince, people said, was too beautiful
to be the blame for the bad that went on
And though things happened while he was around
he got away without blame for his looks.
But the looks he had were stolen
a dark magic that turned him ageless
while the woman who were the love and life
of their kingdoms faded to ash.
Never to wake another time
cursed to sleep by the man they thought could love
the Sleeping Beauties had given their hearts and first kiss
to the prince whose kiss could steal life.

The End

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