Jack Frost

(Not really an After Dark but I have no where else to put it!)

Everyone knows the story of Jack Frost
The boy who sleeps in summer
and paints windows white in winter
But once upon a time, Jack Frost was just a boy
no more different than another child; just the same as you and I.

He had a family, a life of his own
and while he grew to almost adulthood
he was never really alone
with friendship and family, he never needed a thing
until the day he saw a girl, and love became real.

Love was, to Jack, like the bright summers sun
warm and caring, and never gone for long
and the girl loved him back
and she stayed always by his side
until the summer ended, and Jack's love did die.

His heart turned cold in the autumn days
as he sat by her graveside
wishing she had stayed
and along with his heart the world turned to ice
and snow fell for the first time as he cried.

Jack vowed to let his heart never melt
for the fear of it breaking again
but each year he appears in the secret hope
that he will find another to love.
So windows are painted and floors are iced
By the boy who wishes he was loved again

The End

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