The Little Mermaid

One hundred years have been and gone
since the prince left the mermaids side.
Old in age and weary in life
though his love for her shone always there
he closed his eyes and took his last breath
and she pushed him alone, out to sea.

But life on land, on her two legs
scared the mermaid back to water
and for years and years she swam alone
still hoping to find her love once more.
But he had gone, fading away
from everywhere, but her mind.

And the mermaids mind turned bitter
against the short lives mortals lived
and in the twisted thoughts she had
she wanted them shorter, ended forever.
So she brushed her hair and cleaned her scales
then sat on a rock and started to sing...

Along came a ship, who stared, transfixed
to the red headed girl in the water.
And when she beckoned they smiled and followed
down into the deep blue depths.
Ship by ship and man by man
The little mermaid drowned them all.

So be wary when travelling water
of the voice of the angel you will hear
and if you see a flash of red and a tail
hold your ears and try not to stare
or you will be like the travellers lost...
with their short mortal lives ended by a broken heart

The End

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