Peter Pan

He found the lost, the hidden and lonely
And he took the ones that could vanish easy
He smuggled them away with promise and laughter
And whispered to them of happy ever after
He took them away to his secret home
where the lies were uncovered, like ancient bones

And the smile faded off his face
to show a shadow in its place
Gone was the boy of jokes and amazement
and in his place was the devil incarnate
as he places his hand on each of the lost boys
and watched them age with a gleeful noise.

He stole them for their beauty and young
for their imagination and their innocent truth
And then he took that from them in a greedy rush
and while their life faded, his cheeks did flush
with the youthful age he always kept
with the help of the stolen, who now all slept.

The lost boys, all encased in stone and age
Forever frozen, next to Peters stage
to watch forever with a silent plea
as others followed Peter, with no thoughts to flee
for Neverland was not a fairy land
But a prison for the children, until they turned to sand.

The End

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