The Start

You've read the Not So Fairy Tales, now come and read what happens to them when the magic of the sun has disappeared and the evil inside breaks out.

“Shh, she’s coming!” the books all cried
Before they snapped shut and went to hide.
Back in the shelves that were their homes
where they rested their paper bones. 

But the books didn't have to panic
For they held the stories of different planets
that the girl would only open after dark
when the magic inside them held more spark.

For these were the stories that kept others awake
eyes open to the ceiling, knowing the words were fake
but still thinking they heard a noise in the house below
the magic in the stories made the feeling of safely go.

So opening the book, if you dare, and look
at the the never ageing boy who took
the life and love from the boys he stole
to keep himself young and keep himself whole.

Or the girl, who, every night and day
went up in flames and floated away
with a curse that kept her never dying
when she turned to cinder, and kept her flying

So keep the lights on when you read,
and hope and pray the fairy tales don’t need
another story to add to the book:
Your story may be in there, have a look.


The End

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