not scared anymore

it's a rap... -ish...? idk, i've been getting into writing like this more & more and so far it's just sticking, & i think it's cute. haha :]

she's thankful fer the days when she
spends all day with him by her side & 
she loves the love he gives her & he's
silently supplying her air cuz she don't
know how to give it to herself when 
he ain't around. so she chokes on her
words, both around him and not, 
waiting for something to happen that's
good & that doesn't involve him, even
though that rarely happens, but she's
fine with that as long as, at the end 
of the day, he's still the only one & 
she's the only twinkle in his eye & 
the only one he wants to lay down 
with at night & the only one he loves
cuz he's the only one that she even
notices anymore, & even though he's
a total goof, she still don't see anything
wrong with him, he's perfect fer her
in every way; he treats her right,
he teases her when she's feeling
funny & holds her when she's 
breaking inside, & he'll prolly never
know that he's the only thing keeping
her together right now, like super glue,
& it's super cool how he acts like
this isn't nothing but something that
he does every day & it's super sweet
how he treats her every single second,
every single day, & it'll pay off in the end
cuz she pinky swore she wouldn't 
leave & everytime she promises 
forever, her spine tingles & it's making
her feel like anything can happen 
& fer once, she won't leave this one
cuz he's the best thing that's ever
happened to her & she'll finally admit
it cuz she's not scared anymore.

The End

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