Not Perfect

You cut me off to spite me
but in the end, you’ll find
you needed me more than I needed you
You should have realised
I would have done anything
just to keep us from drifting apart
but I wasn’t going to change you

I wasn’t in love with you anymore
you made me feel dread
Well, you got what you wanted...
If you keep pushing me away
then I will adhere and you will
never see me again... if that’s what you want

You said who could care about me?
when you’ll be the one to live alone
I wanted nothing more than to smile and forget
but your bitterness brought forth my despair

I looked past all your flaws
and it seems I made my mistake
of looking past who you really are
I know I am not perfect
but I never once hurt you
Yet you made sure you hurt me...

The End

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