Not Me

Holed up in some hotel, somewhere

Anywhere, USA

Drifting and pacing across tattered shag

I can’t stop and think

I might get stagnant

I just might wither and age

I just might realize you were right to leave me

Tangled in the curtains

Twisted the curtain pull around my neck and quickly threw it to the wall

Recoiled in shock

Then quickly dove into apathy once more

It wouldn’t have brought me home anyway

There’s nothing there but boxes

Life written on hotel stationary

I chewed the pen and watched it bleed

For a brief moment I felt a kindred spirit

But as it died, my eyes closed

There’s always another to be found

No matter what they spew about originality.

All I know is I’m cold

All this heater does is make noise

How I long to eradiate or perhaps pulsate

There were times I felt so radiant, I felt like I could take on the world and win

I actually hoped some one was keeping score

But I didn’t know about her



Not me

Not me

The End

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