Not just a vow. (:

I know it’s not time I think about this,
But I couldn’t resist to take a vow.

I need to have an aim to fulfill,
The one which my soul craves to fill.

It is difficult to think about death,
More fearful is the fear than death itself.

But what matters more than mortal life,
Is merely what you leave behind.

If this world were wet concrete,
I’d want my feet,

To be printedeverypossiblewhere!

Leaving behind a mark, that’d grow as a mark.
As the world; shall be growing, older.

I’d want my words as fragrance,
to spread wide across

Happiness, truth and godliness,
to wander far and beyond!

I’d love cyclones to come, and uproot
differences, like trees and weed.

Earthquakes to swallow hatred,
And volcanoes that erupt bliss!

But all I wish won’t come true,
And if nature does it all,Why are you?

So here I take a vow to do,
Every such thing that nature couldn’t. Yes I’ll do!

The End

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