not just a body

I am not just a body, I have a brain,

bones, muscle, membrane,

marrow, blood, tissue, hair.

I am not just a body, I am have a liver,

lungs, kidneys, intestines,

I produce mucus, bile, sh*t, urine,

I scar, I bruise, I catch colds worth curing.

I am not just a body, I have a heart,

it pumps and beats so I can breathe.

It aches and pains inside of me.

I am not just a body, I am a spirit,

I feel and act and think.

I bubble forth emotions, tears and laughter on the brink

of spilling out.

I have a mouth, a tongue, a throat, vocal chords,

I know how to use my words like blessings and like swords.

And all this adds up, and makes me


Just like you.

Appreciate my body, I know I do.

It can bring great pleasure to you.

It can take you to the state of ecstasy,

and leave you wallowing in a dreamy fantasy.

You can use my body, as I use yours,

and we can enjoy the wonders we are made for.

So imagine my distain when I am reduced to

breasts, butt, lips, sex,

an instrument that can be taken and then left.

It's like a painter's master piece labeled a brush stroke,

a symphony summarized in a single note.

My ass is not just the fat above my thighs;

I am not a tool made for fun times.

I am not just a body, I am a person,

I do not ask you carry my emotional burden,

only that you treat me like I deserve,

because a body can't f*cking curse

a jerk like you.


The End

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