Not In Modern Society

What should I write about?

What deserves to be poetry?

All those things you can't live life without

that rarely get noticing.

Like that second that you wasted,

the truth you have never tasted,

the feeling you never felt,

'cause you conveniently misplaced it.

Emotions you've been ignoring,

the hope you deem unimportant,

or the sacrifice you're scared to make 

so you end up paying for it.

Like that lesson that you didn't learn,

the second time you're getting burned.

If all you give is hell,

then that's all you get in return.

But it happens, so live and learn

what your mistakes suppose to teach ya.

Be careful of who you follow

or you could burn with your preacher.

If that don't reach ya, then to each his own

and one day you'll finally see,

that the truth is in your soul 

and not in modern society.

The End

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