Not Enough

Stuttered speechsilent dreams

I want you to say that you want me

but I'm too afraid to ask

because I know you'll perform the task

I wanted you to do on your own.

You know when tears roll down your cheeks

like star dropped sympathies

I wish I could make things perfect

I feel like half the time

I'm not worth half a dime

of what is good enough to afford your love.

After calling you for the tenth time

and not hearing your voice on the line

I stopped missing you

and started feeling numb

so when you turned to me and said

I'll love you to the end

your words bounced off heartless ground.

Trembling fingers, teary words

I know everything you've heard

all the smiles, all the laughter

all of it still matters

I don't want you to think you're doing something wrong

I wish there was a way to tell you without doing any harm.

The truth is, my love,

I'm missing you so much

I'm not missing you enough.

The End

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