not coming out doesn't make you not-queer

we carry the weight of coming out
like it's what's going to make us or break us

but honey, we've always been this way. 
born with this love on our lips, 
i kissed a girl when i was little
before we knew what "lesbian" meant

and years later, she pushes me away
and i let her, because we were young and stupid
and we both know it meant nothing

but that's not the point - 
you will always have your identity. 
i'm sorry, but it's the one thing you can't erase. 

i know, i know, 
it would be so much easier, 
but that's not the way we were built. 

kiss who you like, darling. 

coming out does not make you "real".
you were always justified, 
and there's no test to pass - 
you're just part our community. 

i welcome you freely, 
but just know - 
you are you, 
and nothing can take that away.

The End

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