NP's Song

Wishes and Dreams

Hand in hand we walk along the sand

and dream about some fairytale land,

but dreams are made of nothing more

than what we may have in store

in our own lives someday.

So why don't you wish a wish

dream a dream or hope and pray?

And if you trust in your beliefs

they may all come true, someday.

Remember when I first said "I love you"?

It was just another dream come true.

I made a wish upon a star

that I'd be cradled in your arms

and loved you you alone.

What I did was wished a wish

dreamed a dream and hoped and prayed.

And I trusted in my beliefs

Then my wish came true, oneday.

Now here am I all alone

waiting for tomorrow morn

when I shall see your face once again.

But tonight I'll dream of you

I'll dream of you the whole night through

and that shall keep me until tomorrow.

So what I'll do is wish a wish

dream a dream and hope and pray.

And I'll trust in my beliefs

for I know they'll all come true someday!


Wrote this one for my husband Joe when we were still dating.

The End

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