Normal Sucks

* I was inspired to write this poem when we talked about bullying in my English class*

I'm not perfect, I'm not like any other girl.

I'm not perfect, who is........

I have my times where I mess up and I make bad decisions

I have my times where I make the best one's. 

I just hate living in a world where you have to be like everyone else

I wear more black then you and suddenly I'm emo.

I like to be alone sometimes and suddnly I'm a loner

I like diffrent kinds of music and suddenly I'm weird

Maybe you all like being the same, but I dont.

I live in a world where if you're diffrent your an outsider

If I dont go with the flow ,well you know.

Creativity is what were all lacking

We all try to act the same, dress the same, be the same

That we leave who we really are in the corner.

Being diffrent isn't bad I think it's the best thing.

Showing the real you , who cares what people say

We can go our own way, just take the wheel and drive

soon you'll be higher then the sky.

Be you, you'll feel better

Don't listen to there whispers

Being you, That's what matters.

The End

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