No-one Likes Mr Nice GuyMature

No-one likes Mr Nice Guy

With his cheery outlook and his cheesy wit

No-one likes Mr Nice Guy

With his politeness, manners and courtesy


Why does no-one like Mr Nice Guy? Alas it is a mystery -

He offends not a soul and treats others with respect.

He calls women beautiful and loves them yet he is ignored

Shunned, abandoned, blanked out, not present.


You don't think he cannot hear you at all?

With your cheap and nasty gossip

"Fancying Mr Nice Guy?! Don't make me sick -

Why would you even consider me with that completely ugly prick?"


They laugh and they chuckle whilst they degrade the man

Between their nicotine stained fingers they crush an imaginery skull

They wipe back their un-natural dyed, greasy hair which

Clashes with their awful, sickening fake tan.


He grows his hair long to hide his face

He mumbles and whispers to hide his voice

He steps to the side to hide his presence

He creeps away to avoid confrontation


Is this what you want?

Is this what you mean?

What on Earth do you want him to become?

How would he appeal to you more?


Do you want him to become violent and attack at every chance?

Do you want him to hurl abuse and smack his girlfriend?

Do you want him to speak incorrect English and spit on the floor?

Do you want him to be a thug, a hooligan, a nasty conniving, unintelligent thief?


He makes you feel nice and he compliments you all the time

Is that not enough to quench your thirst?

A polite young gentleman to make you happy

Or are you too vain, too materialistic, too unreal?


He could stop, you know, this Mr Nice Guy act

He could become dark, twisted and wrong

He could commit attrocities and despair

You need to stop him. Only YOU. No-one else.


No-one likes Mr Nice Guy, it seems in the real world.


You answer that for I do not know.

The End

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