Nonsuch: Adventurer's Lament

The voice belongs to a sailor, imagined by a visitor to the Nonsuch, a replica of the ornately carved wooden ketch used to traverse Hudson Bay and James Bay, by the Hudson's Bay Company in the 1660's.

Oh, cradle me

Sensuous mermaid.

Your curves echo the waves

That slam against the hull -

Echo the dreams that

Draw me home.

Dreams of a girl

Whose curves echo the

Sweetly scented weight of an apple

Held gently in my hand

Dreams that slam

Inside my ribs

Dreams that drum

like the curving waves.

When longing is fiercest

I reach out --

Caress the carved

Wooden apple that

Edges the portal

That frames my face

As I look out

And back

Forever back

Back over the curving waves

The slamming waves.

Oh, cradle me,

Sensuous memories

As I grasp for the sweet weight

Of apples

And close my hand

On nothing but

The night air.

The End

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