Down in my stomach where the butterflies flutter
There’s a couple of pretty ones for you they do mutter
When I see you they wake and they all start to stutter
I hear them and “I love you” is all I can utter

Inside my head there’s some thoughts that are bitter
But they are outweighed by thoughts that are fitter
The thoughts that are fit just make me want to titter
They are thoughts of you and the way you do witter

Deep in my heart where the tissues did shatter
A tiny wee mouse tries to fix up the tatters
He sits there all day on his bum getting fatter
Making better the hurt so one day it won’t matter

All over my body the aches getting better
My eyes when I remember no longer get wetter
I’m excited that one day you’ll send me a letter
All that goes through my mind is “I’ll get her”

The End

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