Nonsencicles- 1.Makerandy Moojers.

By my dearly beloved Great Grandad John Perkins may he rest in peice <3

The Makerandy Moojer men

Perdoodled plummily,

Perdoodled twice and then again,

Cavorting Crummily.

In Eufaluzic order, they

stood on the distant shore,

Making aquif muzak on the way,

With casmadarthic score.

The ear-drums of the kalte-socks

Sprang high and far and wide,

As from the warm, cretaceous rocks,

(From right deep down inside),

Came thungerlings and fraggerskips,

Callooderling along

In rythmic hops and bandernips,

With thwarted unisong.

Pelarnic songsters!, walk this way

Across the foaming main,

With eggs and chips upon your tray;

Avoid the shipping lane!!!.

Becareful to keep ever clear

Ofsirens, pigs and wales

And don't drink yankee, strong root beer

From antarastic pails.

Accostive oil rigs, may be, too,

A problem on the sea,

So, if they come too close to you,

Proffer a cup of tea,

Tosoothe the mad, cagantic maws

Parading up and out,

They may not touch you without cause,

So watch what your about.

Belay your najer-wan-fed mood,

Let calm and wet prevail,

With soft, griafler tavert stewed,

Hoist up your sinnfer sail.

Let Louis Vuitton be the judge

Of who moght Slanted walk to fast

In sooper slanted, sandy sludge

Across the sea-bed vast.

The End

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