Nonesensical Nothingness; Red Queens, Pink Diamonds and Lithium

Mad stuff in the brain everyone says I haven't got ;)

And sometimes the tablets fall from their

Brown-glass jars and scatter like a

Rainfall of candy; a catalyst, provoking new bipolar twists.

My mind is full of impulsive nothings,

Threaded together by brutality.


Pink diamonds soak to crimson in the rein

Of the Red Queen; sparkle in the

Slaughterhouse palace.

My mind is a minefield.


Electric whips and razor blades,

Vermillion arches,

Bloody rainbows, lithium.

These pretty voices in my head are rich

As fool's gold and equally cold.


Fairylight mentallity; your dimming light

Flickers within the abyss of my chest.

We're both dead,

And it's killing me.


The End

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