Nocturnal Self

  • Led in the darkness,
  • Showing no weakness,
  • I think of the life I lead.
  • I have two great friends,
  • That help me mend,
  • All the pain I harbour inside.
  • I have a lovely family,
  • They're part of my reality,
  • And love me the way I am.
  • Then I look into the black,
  • It takes me right back,
  • To the days at school.
  • Me and my friends were bullied,
  • Called names and teased,
  • It became a daily routine.
  • The same old groups,
  • Stood waiting like troops,
  • In the corridors we walked down.
  • Then on goes my light,
  • It's blindingly bright,
  • So I close my eyes and sleep.
The End

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