Nobody Cared She Saved Them All

A creepy poem by Kiwi (yay, our first story/poem/thing!)

Nobody cares that she's cold

Nobody cares that she's heartbroken

Nobody cares that she needs comfort

Nobody cares that she's scared

Nobody ever noticed her at all

Nobody ever cared when she passed on

Nobody cared that she saved them all

Nobody ever thought of her at all

Nobody will ever care about all of the pain she's in, past, present, future, she saved them all.

Nobody cared she was around

Her family never noticed she was there until she wasn't

Nobody noticed her weep at night

for all those she knew she would save for they only notice her with disdain.

Nobody cared when she pleaded with Pain, asking he spare them his displeasure.

Nobody cared that she saved them all.

-Kiwi (shockingly, since she says she is a very happy person)

The End

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