No title (just more thoughts)

Started with actual rhyme scheme but over time lost it. Oh well..

All I ever wanted was someone to listen 

A pair of different eyes to see my vision 

Stuck in these trials, in need of a mission 

Show me a world of things I've been missing.

 Hold on to something that's worth it 

Scorched earth no way to reverse it 

New life opened my eyes and I spend my time trying to rehearse it.

Who says I can't be a little bit different? 

Everyone's still the same,and say their change is persistent. 

Who else can slave but an assistant,

Here in body, but his minds far off in distance. 

I can't remember a time when life was a breeze, 

I've always been running, looking for some air to breath. 

I often wonder of what could've been, Would things be different if I didn't leave? 

Maybe there's an hand I could have lent,

Help out with bills, help pay the rent? 

Don't tell me this is where it ends.

Dont tell me things aren't bad like before, 

I'm in some safe zone while my family is in the storm.

 I left with rags and now I'm far from the norm. 

All I have is things that were give me, 

I didn't do it on my own, but I've had some major help, see...

All I have is all I've got. 

And I'm not waiting for my chance to die and rot.

Forgetting everything I was taught,

I started from square one, and I'm standing on my rock.

My future is going to be nothing less than painful.

Playing my cards, putting my chips on the table.

Troublesome is more than a fable, My life is all I have, and to myself I've got to be faithful. 

The End

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