No Thought, Just First WordsMature

short little poem, i wrote it in about 10 minutes, no corrections of any sort this is just a "freestyle" poem.

i sit in the dark hoping to be overtook

i leave anyone who crosses me feeling shook

looking over shoulders, peeking behind boulders ... you think youve figured out the game but your a pawn, i the rook in my little book, in the dark, a place for you essence in a self made nook

i scribble unreadable words to the the ones with life left in their eyes, in this park so late at night, i feel no fright, the dark is where i breath my safest sighs, where my enemies rot, but only the half above the thighs

a head riddled with all these random, one singular overtaking thought to drink until my blood becomes booze, so i may finally find a fragment of sleep

without a heart , this hollow chest needs a filling

but how do you a fill a whole only one has access too, no choice in the matter, i was willing, willing to forever rue the day i gave all of me to you, so sleep tight, dream sweet dreams as i continue to rip slowly but surely at the seams

just remember that little book, the one i hide in a self made nook

that book holds all your secrets, the ones ive never said

forever remember you ruined me and knowledge is power, keep that in the back of your head
The End

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