No Sleep Tonight

It's about finally giving up hope, it's about being on your last legs

I'm wide awake for the umpteenth time

And I can't shift these monsters from my mind

I stare at the empty bottle and there goes hope of easy dreams

I will get no sleep tonight


No sweeping Hollywood statements

I just lost everything on the turn of a dime

And I'm found guilty of no crime

It's amazing how easy it is to fall


And as the years pass before me

I wonder if I'll be forever left behind


I look to the pills laid spilt across the floor

I glance at the half-light through the door

Somewhere I hope the end will finally call me onwards

I can not endure a cruel cycle anymore


No guardian angels or a twist of fate

Nothing but this whiskey and my last words

The room is nothing now but a blur

Heaven came for me so many years too late


I can only hope for a paradise

A better world than the one that spat me out


I can't find any solace

Or even the strength to cry

I've lost all of the words in memory

And as the blur begins to darken

I don't have the power to say goodbye




The End

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