No Set Scheme

This poem tries to have a set rhyme scheme but fails, may ironically go with the meaning of the poem

The four strong seasons of our souls,

Can define what we want and more,

We await the coming times, so we can attain our goals,

But the faith of our spirits, makes our hearts poor--

It leaves it lacking for a feeling,

That will have us, on our knees, kneeling.


The complications of life come fast,

They come hard, they may never last,

But to confront them is a must,

To make our own decision is just

A way of running away from our set path,

A way to become free, fly from our past.


So how do we handle the truth we are given?

How do we remain so driven?

How must our shadow, that society on us, has cast,

Become large enough to overcome the barriers,

To become a wind of freedom that fills up our mast?


Don't let the expectations of doubt,

Don't let them ever clear your shouts,

You reach your hand, don't you let go,

Your future you will grasp.

The End

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