‘Poeming’ is kind of like ‘Frenching’

And by that I mean:

It is a verb, a gerundive,

Made out of a noun

That should never really have

An ‘–ing’ type verb ending

Attached to it.

But when asked,

Many people would agree

That ‘poeming’ is

A pretty awesome way of speaking.

As for typing the verb ‘To Poem’:


It has no ring, no rhyme,

No sense and no time,

Forward and backward in

An infinite space.


It has no wrong and no right,

(Though an assistance to write),

And no fast or no slow,

Better watch this place.


But what do you do

When random phrases

Appear in your mind,

Wrestling to get free?

Do you paint them black or pink?

Or let them run free in life?

Or perhaps just watch them

Die and die and die.

A friend of mine did say to me:

‘Be careful, you are random,’

Yet every day she uses

Five more words like ‘Poeming’!

The End

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