Follow Me Down

Follow me down, follow me down,
Through the dark roots of this smelly old town.

Through slimy green sludge,
And the lair of the Grudge,
Into rivers of bright red fudge,
And we'll land with a "spludge"...

Follow me up, follow me up,
Around the rim of the old teacup.

Through chimney soot,
And a big giant's foot,
The broken peanut chute,
And that tiny realm called Poot ...

Follow me round, and round again,
Dancing through puddles in the rain.

Up and down, right and left, run!
Follow my trail around the sun,
Through the barrel of an old gun,
Chase me now, let's have some fun!

Follow me, follow me, try all the tricks you've ever learned,
As I lead you on a merry chase...
Through the realms of the Absurd!

The End

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