Life Cycle

A bear won't care

for the length of his hair

As long as he catches the Duck.


The ducks don't care

for the paws of the bear

They breaststroke away to the Left.


The left is where

The otters share

Their hand made frilly gifts.


The gifts float down

Into the sleepy town

Where Henry the bin bag weeps.


"Why does he weep?"

His Postbox won't sleep!

He's been known to wake him up.


Up  the new day

The people they pray

For feild's of plentyful moles.


The mole sits alone

Be sure it will moan

Of Grammar and more parts of life


But life is a gift

From the windows that lift

The slippers containing swiss mint


The mints find their home

Where the pink cupcakes roam

In an undergroud world known as Pole.


In Pole theres a moose

Who survives off the juice

A bear can wring from a Duck.

The End

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