Because I can't think of a title...

Trees grow and frogs hop,

But tell me sir, water drop -

Where do the rhymes flop?

Flippity flop, floppity flip!


I see them hiding,

O'er them hedge lingings!

But why does the verse ring?

Lingering rings! Ringering Lings?


Lost in this meter

Thou shall not feter

For the song shall matter!

Matter Facter! Fatter Macter!


Chirrup, crickets skip

Bark, the dog flips

Ooooh! what a shiny ship!

Ship trip, Thip Srip!


And that ladies and gentlemen, amused

Is why dubious substances, abused

Will lead to the expression that you wear

when people a'glance at you, stare

While you giggle away...

Ooh! Shiny fairies are at play!


((Don't do Drugs? Or eat lots of chocolate at once... or energy drinks... caffeine! Taffy! Oooh! Shiiiiiny!))


A/N -> Don't ask... I don't know how i got that either...

The End

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