Yarkle, will you marry me?

That’ll be two pieces of gold.
One for a smile
One for my heart
And otherwise: I’m sold!

But Yarkle-Sparkle my head’s on fire
My totally’s blown far away.
I’d be there in a blink,
But I’m lost in my kitchen sink,
And, well, I haven’t a penny to spare.

And what is that, tell me, to me?
And why shouldn’t you return?

For love, my love, for love, I say.
For love I can’t return.
My Yarkle-Sparkle-Dray
Has blown, has blown away.

Then I will come and marry you
And my gold will make our rings.

But you haven’t a cent
You have only a smile
And most of a heart
And a leftover song to sing.

Well yes, my dear, well, yes indeed,
But what is that to you?

Nothing, my Yarkle,
My Yarkle-Sparkle-Dray-Drent-Aloo
Nothing, no, not a thing at all!
So will you then, will you marry me?

Of course I will and two pieces of gold
Will make our vows.
And two rings of gold
We’ll laugh out loud,
And yes, I’ll marry you.

Oh Yarkle my Sparkle
This Dray will be Drent,
My heart will be spent
For you, Aloo, for you.

The End

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