The wise and Noble Bimble Bop

The wise and noble Bimble Bop,

A Tale so they say,

Is still talked of in Romania,

Britan and Pompai.


The little klonkers scream and shriek.

The elders nod their heads.

The Moon Bongs are so scared by it,

They huddle in their beds.


The story goes that long ago,

When walking through the wood,

A traveler thought he saw a man,

He really thought he could!


The traveler followed day and night

Untill he reached a house,

And there the Bimble Boppling hid,

As scared as a BoBam mouse.


The house was made of cracking wood.

The door was still ajar.

He wondered should he take a look

Or stay hidden from afar.


A Flarg drew up to the crumbiling house.

And was mounted by the man.

The Bimble had a wondrous thought.

The Bimble made a Plan!


The Flarg rode away to a place unknown.

The Bimble was delightened.

He skipped, He Hopped he Mimbled about,

He wasnt even frightened.


He Crept inside and found the lights,

And then the Bimble saw,

Gold and diamonds before his eyes,

And treasures such Galore!


So into his bag the Bimble Stuffed,

As many as he could.

He put them down his socks

And  wraped them in his hood.


He ran although the load was Huge.

Through every Wood and Stream.

You see the Bimble had to go,

The Bimble had a dream!


The Bimble knew an awful thing.

He knew the man had pillaged,

All this loot and lovely gold,

From every town and village.


The Bimble traveled to every place.

Returning all the gold.

This is why the World still says.

The Bimble Bop was Bold.


To go into an outlaws house,

And take away his wealth.

It really is a Nobel thing.

And not good for your health!


And so the tale lives on and on.

That Bimble was the Greatest,

And We Dont care that cause of it. 

The man still probably hates us!  



The End

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