The Crazed Warlock's Spell

Fire, stone and mighty loincloth

Upon this tidy mess of mold and rot

Spin me a tale of woe and unicorn a prance

Of death and pestilence  and a gold embroidered lance!


With this staff o’mine

And this oh so mysterious sign

Summon forth, I shall

The likeness of the dear computer Hal!


Oh, Runic sigil

Oh, guardian tempered ill

Be my guarding guide

And don’t ever leave my side


Ice, shoal and sandals worn

Stinky socks and vampire parts and don’t forget the buttered corn!

This loincloth shall I forever revere

In this alchemized aromatized career


So stand back all ye fools

My vengeance wrought cool

Will strike with shiny allure

And my inner child shall sing you no cure


Cackle, shout and gobblededook!

I might be quite a spook!

So fear for your lives

And run before another spell I contrive!

The End

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