I've only just begun

You never know             

how it goes          

when you try

to write about toes

or chicken wings

shoes shineing shoes

or jam inside of the hose

i prefer different things,

as, I am sure, do you,

but you can write what you want to.

What the hell,

do you do when the fire is cherry blue

or your popiscles refroze around your bike tires

and you have no glue?

I don't, I know that,

and neither, I am sure, do you.

but, how the hell

do you get into the mind of a writer

or adolescents, or infants

about cherry fire and blue toes??

I don't even know what I'm saying,

I've only just begun,

to figure out this ending,

and how we indefinetly won,

but losing it all

and escaping the fun,

which wasn't fun at all.

so here ends my goofy poem,

the gump, the gop, the feast,

hope you enjoyed this message,

I'll be watching, if you please

The End

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