What a Strange Programme!

While I traversed the Waterloo Station,

I met a man with constipation,

He had a bike,

Or was it a trike?

And tweed clothing on for all to see.


While I swam the English Channel,

I met a man using a flannel,

He thought it was a float,

So he hopped back onto his boat,

Then got the ice cream and lemonade out.


Then I found myself in France,

Where I met a man in a wetsuit doing a dance,

I said, "Quelle danse est sa?"

He said "La Ra-ra"

Then he fell on the floor and slept in the sand.


I went into Shock,

When I saw a woman wearing, what could only be described as a frock,

Only to see,

That woman was me,

And I was swimming in the bargin bucket at Tescos.


It was then that I realised the People around,

None of them were making a sound,

They also remained quite still,

As if they were all quite ill,

Then I found myself in the mannequin display.


I have had a splendid day,

Watching the people come and play,

On a supermarket trolley,

I had a right old  jolly,

Joy riding in the aisles, knocking the beans down.


I looked at my fun,

saying 'That was enough for one

day.' Athough tomorrow the sun will come out

and we shall all shout

Hip Hip Hooray! Another day watching TV!

The End

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