No Quarter

A moment's hesitation and everything was taken

Lingering questions in the depths of my head

He stole it all but I'll win the next round

I will take another shot, never backing down

Do you want to take it back, well here it is

Parting cold fingers from titan's grip

Suffocating, failing to recover now

I will take another shot, never backing down

Lives winding ever downwards

It's the final chance to save what's left

Wipe the blood from your mouth as you smile

Take in the calm as the battle's next

Let's give ourselves to darkness

Because I can see no hope in the burning lights

Let's burn these bridges now babe

Because I can see no quarter to give tonight

The chance to take it back, wolf claws begin to seize

Questions answered with a blow or ink of a pen

And so the battle is won and lost once again

He gave it all tonight, never backing down 

Never backing down, we're fading fast but surviving

Never backing down, a hundred thousand voices as one 

A colossus before me, the world beneath me

Never backing down, I fight as lions against gods

The End

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