no pain no game

i try to hide with strong madness

i try to hide from all the pain

i try to say that its an illusion

but the pain it still remains

so forth into the future

im not knowing where it is

all i know is its still hurting

and its hurting from way within

people pass and friendships fade

im still here i am still the same

forever in this questioning

forever in the swim

so be it i assume it


youll never feel what im feeling

you will never know at all

so see me and judge me

but you shall never see me fall

i am one of God messangers

and God wants all of us to stand tall

forever in the truth

divine is in the youth

ego based relationships will

slip and they will crawl

the earth needs fertile ground

we need to come back around

its sitting inside our minds

waiting for the seeker

and so we have it all

and they are simply

The End

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