No other's pain

A simple poem that I wrote whilst in the car about family issues and the rules of the blame game. It expresses how I'm feeling and helps me express my emotions.

She put upon me the blame

For the pain that she bestowed

She asked why I had dimmed her light

That had so truly shown

I told her that other's pain could hurt their sorry souls

She told me that no other's pain 

Crushed just like her own.


Not once was the sudden blight of down

Ever a fault of her own

Mine was it all, and all of it was mine

I was the reason behind her frown.


So Mother do I love you and by me this pain is not caused

If I could I would, this time would be paused

And we would forever live in the stillness of the pain

Where me and you, Mother, could shine once again.

The End

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