So We Take Our Leave...

Jonathon, don’t be silly
we have our life together
Put away your anxieties
I will never hurt you
I will never push you away

I am sorry Stephanie
It’s just I am afraid
I don’t know what will happen
There is someone more important
More important than us at stake

So we take our leave
it’s almost over for us now
Our old life...

Jonathon, I wonder
are you with me because you love me?
or because of the baby?

Stephanie, I love you
I am just scared that we’ll drift apart
it’s happened before

Jonathon I forgave you
but do you still have feelings for Heather?

Stephanie, It’s not true
I saw her for who she really is
and she wasn’t the person I loved

So we take our leave
Just one last look at the past
and forwards we go
into uncertainty

Into the unknown where I have been
so many times before

The End

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