No Longer Chained

It's about being able to ease the burdens of expectation from another.

We parted ways with no malice in our hearts

And with the best of friendship and intentions

And the pieces on the board switch to new positions

It’s amazing the paths we take as soon as we part

And it’s amazing how we have changed beyond recognition


Troubled souls, you were burdened by the ghost of me

Bury the past and secure the lid, were we better together

Scared of what the future held, when I released you finally

We’re cut from these bonds, no longer chained, hearts bound forever


I patrolled these lonely streets for a wild spirit to love me

With a smile and a wicked glint in my eye, mischievous

As the pieces of the board make their move to new positions

 It’s strange the smiles we fake as soon as we start

I can feel myself fading, fading beyond all recognition


Stolen heart, you have endured more than I should’ve ever asked

You should feel relieved that the link’s been severed

It’s about time my ghosts take my soul to task

I release you from our dark future, no longer chained, hearts bound forever

The End

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