No Further Questions

The lawyer drew in a breath and sniffled deeply
"No further questions," he whispered, trudging back to the desk
He closed his eyes and slumped in his seat
Sobs shaking his body
The case had suddenly become too close to his own life
His client had cheated on her husband, and he just heard the master admit the affair
He missed his wife, and wondered if she, like his client, would ever admit to it, too
They were both incredibly stubborn women, so he began to doubt it
As he cried into his folded arms
The point was proven, his job was done
But he needed to talk to his wife
He hated it so much, but he just knew that she wasn't going to tell him the truth
The first question he was going to ask her was deadset in his head
"How long had you been screwing?" 

The End

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