No Foul Language

How do you say bad things without saying bad words?

What creative phrase of art
do you often use
when mild words you must impart
to fling a curse out like a dart
or describe a lurid body part
and no gentle ear abuse?

'Number two' is standard as a rule
others say 'drop a deuce'
or 'letting the kids off at the pool'
'floating a log' is also cool
still others refer to expelling stool
as 'turning a brown weasel loose'.

'Bumping uglies' is a phrase
to describe a romantic act.
'Horizontal mambo' will also relay
dancing between sheets in amorous play.
There must be a million ways to convey
making the beast that has two backs.

Honk on Bobo, bite the big one,
eat my banana too.
Bobbing for sausages sounds pretty fun,
spit-shine my doorknob before you're done,
play my skin flute then I've got to run,
when I point down, you know what to do. 

These are a few of the humorous sayings
we use to say what we can't
and if you're offended I'm honestly praying
you'll forgive the crassness of thoughts I'm conveying
I'm just having fun with a word-game and playing
around with a poetic rant.

The End

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